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Dell Poweredge 2600 server Windows 2003 raid drivers

jwinter1966 used Ask the Experts™
For data recovery, I need to reinstall Windows 2003 server to a set of new drives on a Dell Poweredge 2600 server.   During install it asks for the drivers (F6) on a floppy drive to do the installation.   Don't have any of the original Dell disks.   I have tried downloading from Dell but cannot find what is needed.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

The drivers, and there are many different possibilities, are available from Dell at the link below.


There are many different possible disk options so it is necessary to know with certainty which controller is installed in this particular system.  To that end, if it is still in the original factory configuration, just enter the system's Service Tag number and Dell will tell you what was installed in the original configuraiton.
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Poweredge 2600 perc 3?
Check the Dell download to see whether, been a while, there is a Dell openmanage oS  which will stream the drivers onto the ....

Not sure whether pe 2600 supports 2003.
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"Not sure whether pe 2600 supports 2003"
Yes, originally shipped with it

Use this download to create the Dell OpenManage Server Assistant CD


Running that will talk you through the install but you'll need the OS Media - do you have that?


A more generic version of same will take you through the stages.  Installing on a Server isn't quite the same as the F6 driver option on a workstation but the end result is the same.


Yes I have the OS media and license tag on the server.   I'll give the OpenManage Assistant CD a try.  Thanks


Thanks for the link it worked and I was able to move the data RAID from the dead server to another server.   Got all the data that was missing from the backup.