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LDAP and Bind DN

I have an LDAP question and I hope someone will shed light on it.
I have a service account (srvs) in the Users' OU in the listed tree OU=Users,OU=IT,OU=Lon,OU=UK,OU=Prod,DC=mydom,DC=local
When I put the following entry in the "Bind DN or UserName" CN=srvs,CN=Users,CN=IT,CN=Lon,CN=UK,CN=Prod,DC=mydom,DC=local and I get an error saying user name and password is not valid. Here the "srvs" is the service account in the admin group.
If I put CN=john,CN=Users,CN=mydom,CN=local , john is in the admin account group the same as srvs then I do not get an error.
Why I get the LDAP query is erroring out when it is long path? I am using Windows 2012  DC as the LDAP server.
* LDAPWindows Server 2012

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