cost of hosting local classified website for Japanese community

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I would like to create a local classified website for Japanese community in Dublin Ohio.
It is a small community and I would like to build with Word Press Classima or any other theme.
How much does it cost monthly or yearly approximately?
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Anywhere from free or almost free to hundreds of dollars per month.
You could start with
What it depends upon is the size of your database and the number of concurrent users
The best of 2020 Wordpress Hosting sites (probably a bit biased) but a good starting point

Depending on how big it's going to be, with only a 1000 members who occassionally look at it, you can use a web hosting package for a few bucks per month.
If speed/bandwidth/total data transfer is suffering, you can use a VPS instead. It's a few bucks more. If you use a VPS from the most advanced/biggest provider, you can even upgrade while still in use (others may require a full re-install). It will cost another few bucks per month more.
I don't suspect you'll need more than that.
5 bucks a month = hosting
15 bucks a month = simple VPS
100 bucks a month = powerful VPS


i have already purchased Classima plugin for Wordpress which requires a business plan package from

i checked a business plan at, cost $25 monthly.

does this site come with theme installation capability?

any other site, much cheaper hosting?
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Cheaper than $2.64/mo???? You did see the feature list included right? (SSL cert, etc etc).


it doesn’t say theme installation capability

Theme installation is INHERENT to ANY Wordpress hoster
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Using can be very tricky.

Only use if you plan on provide your site free forever, so no monetization.

If you plan to every monetize your site, purchase some inexpensive hosting somewhere, maybe InMotion or A2Hosting or a cheap dedicated server from OVH/SoYouStart/KimSufi.

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