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Sanjay Gandhi
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This is an Access Update query and subquery.
 There is a table called [zControl Entries]. It is supposed contains various other tables' total records. Therefore one entry in this table [zControl Entries] is called [Item Master], and this table [Item Master] is another table also, whose records are to be stored here in [zControl Entries].

Therefore I fire a query, and get an error 'Operation must use an updatable query'. Following is my query.

UPDATE [zControl Entries] As Ce
SET Ce.NumericValue = (Select Count(*) As NumericValue From [Item Master])
Where Ce.EntityType='Item Master'

Here 'Item Master' is a value in Ce table, whereas [Item Master] is also a physical table in the same database.

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Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer

Getting errors in the webpage code when clicking the Submit button.  Way to go EE developers....  I'll try again
Chief Technology Officer
I tested your query and it doesn't like using the summation subquery to update the field value.  I changed the summation query to a select query using a numeric field in the Item Master table and it didn't like that either.  I think using a subquery as the source of the value to put in Ce.NumericValue is what Access doesn't like.

I changed the result of the subquery to a field in a table and it updated as expected.

To EE Developers:  Guess what, you can't submit any text with "Item Master" in brackets (I replaced it with "Item Master table" above).  It barfs your code.  I don't know how the author got away with it...
Sanjay GandhiFounder, Kenhal


Well, this is what I also finally did. It did not give me result with single query. So I saved the result of COUNT(*) query using table [ItemMaster] in a variable, and later used UPDATE query to update that variable's value in another table [zControl Entries] where it is supposed to save.


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