Legacy UCS has ISCSI VLAN on a trunk

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I'm at a new gig. The customer has a UCS where the Fabric Interconnect connects to a Nexus switch - A has 4 10Gbps and B has 4 10Gbps bundled to a VPC with 802.1Q trunking on it. And right in the middle of all the allowed and active VLANs on the trunks is the iSCSI VLAN. There have been complaints about the storage performance so this lack of isolation is one of the first things that jumps out as a potential issue. Tegile is the storage target array.

My question is - would it be possible to seemlessly migrate the ISCSI VLAN to dedicated ports on the fabric interconnect with only the the ISCSI VLAN on it? Any other thoughts?
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Most likely, the network vastly outperforms the storage. Did you actually monitor the bandwidth ? What is the performance of the storage part ? ... akso note latency is often the ussue, rather than bandwudth is such setups.
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Thanks much.

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