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I have 2 vSphere hosts with Supermicro motherboards that each have a 2 1gb and 2 10gb NIC ports.  I'd like to configure each host to use the 10gb ports first for inter-host communication and then the 1gb ports if needed.

Is there a way to do that?  vSphere 6.7.0 w/ a VCSA VM.


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just connect both physical network interfaces on both hosts back to back.

(if this is for vMotion Traffic, Storage vMotion, then it can be done without a switch, if you only have two hosts, make sure each VMKernel Portgroup has different IP Addresses Subnet for pair of hosts)

(don't use 1GBe, when you have 10Gbe available)

but to be honest with you the best and better way is to connect both ports on each host to a switch, and then you can configure teaming.

You'll not be able to team direct linked.

(it's got nothing to do with VCSA!)
Ben ConnerCTO, SAS developer


Hi Andrew.  

I see the NIC activity between the two hosts while I'm replicating a VM to a backup via Veeam, and it is using a slower NIC card.  The two 10gb ports are connected to a 10gb switch, the two 1gb ports to a 1gb switch, and the two switches are also connected to each other.  

I don't want to rely on the 10gb ports entirely as I have rare instances (1-2 times/year) when the 10gb ports go stupid.  vSphere marks them down even though they aren't.  Power resetting the host fixes it but doesn't tell me why it happened.  Was going to pose that as a separate question though.

Ok, looking at teaming, that looks like what I'm looking for.  Am also implementing a NAS iSCSI fileserver shortly and will want to make sure the 10gb nic cards are used for that as well.  

Will group them through teaming and see how that works.  Thanks!

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Just remember Teaming is not supported for iSCSI, multi path only, but that depends on your NAS.

I would concentrate in fixing your issue with your 10GBe nics.

Connect both nics to two 10GBe switches (dual paths, redundancy).

and then create a teaming policy..... but you may want to look at a storage network (separate for iSCSI)

BUT..... 2 x 1GBe nics may be fine for iSCSI with Jumbo Frames enabled!

depends on NAS type, speed, disks, etc and whether NFS is better performing....

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