How to validate a verification code.

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Not sure this question should be here, anywhere here goes,
I am trying to transfer a mobile phone number from one provider to another.. The provider in question is Lycamobile and I want to transfer my number from Tesco/48Months. I have to fill in a form online to do this. I am asked to seek a verification code which I successfully secure (numbers which are sent by a text) . I write the numbers in the space indicated on the form. I fill in all other details and click on ‘submit’. I get a message in red telling me to validate the verification code. I cannot see how  I am supposed to do this. I’ve checked the ‘frequently asked questions’ but cannot find an answer. Can anyone help me on this.
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Call the phone provider's support number and see if you can get a human to help.  This usually goes much faster and easier, provided that you are willing to wait up to an hour to get a person.
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For UK porting your code should be three letters followed by six numbers with no spaces, all nine characters you get from Tesco need to be included. Is the Port SIM page at Lyca highlighting the PAC in red or is it a more general error message?
Have you tried using a different browser in case there’s also a Capcha code your current browser is blocking?

But yes +1 for speak to human :)


It took me  calling up six agents over 3 days to eventually find an agent who did it all for me. I’m not sure how the agent dealt with validating the verification code but it was done and now my number is transferred and working

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