Need help in interpreting blue screen events on a laptop

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My laptop is running Windows 7 Pro.  It is an HP470.  It has a 2.4 gigahertz Intel core I5-6200U processor.
Two blue screens have happened in the past month.  No changes have been made to the laptop, no new memory, no new disk drive, no changes in drivers.  

Apparently dmp files are too large to attach to this message.  What is an alternate way to share my memory.dmp file so people can examine it?
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Download small software named Who Crashed ad analise result from DMP file or upload screenshot from this software

This is one of the best software to analise what is going on whit your computer.
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set the pc to make minidumps :
click System and Security from within the Control Panel:
Then click System from the list:
Now, click Advanced System Settings:
Under the Start-up and Recovery section, click Settings:
Finally, select Small Memory Dump from the debugging drop-down menu, then click OK:


Hello Tom Cieslik:  Thank you for the information.  I will try this.

Thank you, nobus, you have helped me in the past.  I will configure my laptop for minidumps

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