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ASUS Motherboard of Windows 10 Pro USB3 cause

Windows 10 Pro - recovered and ASUS MB P5N73 question
Plugged in USB3 Seagate Drive to run full backup and system crashed.  
Many problems in Event Viewer, many of which fixed.  Typical recurring error is Event ID 41, Critical power unexpectedly lost power.  Reconfigured BIOS to exclude LPT1 port etc. and do not see anything in the BIOS showing USB3 support, is that an issue?  
Checked the ASUS site for the Motherboard and I do have the most current Revision 0801.  Memory tests fine.  

Specifics are Pheonix AwardBIOS V.6.0 PG
Asus P5N73-AM-ACPI BIOS Revision 0801
Pentium "D" CPU 3.20 GHz 3.20 GB Memory

Running rull McAfee Viruscan and things have improved some with more to do.
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