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For reasons that aren't relevent, I had to wipe out a Windows 10 installation and do a clean install after deleting the existing partitions. Installed Win10 Pro v1909 downloaded from MS. After the install was finished, got the invalid CA error for MSN.com as soon as I opened the Edge browser!

The computer's date is correct.

How could I get an error on a fresh installation?


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this seems to be some type of certificate error follow the steps in this article https://windowsreport.com/microsoft-edge-certificate-navigation-blocked-windows-10/   especially opening a command prompt with admin rights and type in
 certutil -setreg chainEnableWeakSignatureFlags 8  then hit your enter key. Once this has run restart your computer then test to see if problem was resolved.


Right after I wrote in with the question I started setting up a new computer, and had the same problem. Between your reply and the issue with the 2nd computer, I realized I'd forgotten (it had been so long since I'd needed to do that!) that I needed to install the security certificate for the firewall.

Problem solved!

Thank you for your quick reply!

Robert RComputer Service Technician

glad I was able to stimulate some thought to your answer, and were kind enough to reward me with points even though I did not give the direct answer to your question.

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