Excel VBA:  How to add items to a multi-select listbox with two columns instead of one?

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Excel VBA form:  How to add items to a multi-select listbox with two columns instead of one?

Please note the following code:
I get the yellow highlight on line item with Run-time error '13'.  type mismatch.
please note image attachments that show this as well.

All I'm doing is looping through the collection and adding to the two columns - the fullfilename found in variable sFile and the filename only in sFileOnly...

Me.ListBox_FilesFound(lCounter - 1, 0) = sFile

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Private Sub FillListBox_FilesFound()
On Error GoTo Err_Proc

  Dim sFileName As String
  Dim sFilePath As String
  Dim lCounterFileTotal As Long
  Dim lCounter As Long
  Dim sFileOnly As String
  Dim colFiles As New Collection
  Dim vFile As Variant
  Dim sFile As String
  'setting up listbox:
  Me.ListBox_FilesFound.ColumnCount = 2
  Me.ListBox_FilesFound.ColumnWidths = "0;100"
  sFileName = GetCurrentFileName

  'determine path
  sFilePath = FilePathOnly_feo(sFileName)
  txtFilePath = sFilePath
  RecursiveDir colFiles, sFilePath, "*.xls*", True
  lCounterFileTotal = colFiles.Count
  lCounter = 0
  'loops through all files found in RecursiveDir
  'but only through filenames that have states.
  For Each vFile In colFiles
    sFile = vFile
    lCounter = lCounter + 1
    sFileOnly = FileNameOnly_feo(sFile)
    Me.ListBox_FilesFound(lCounter - 1, 0) = sFile
    Me.ListBox_FilesFound(lCounter - 1, 0) = sFileOnly
    If IsNameOfUSStates(sFileOnly) = True Then
      ListBox_FilesFound(lCounter - 1, 0).Selected = True
    End If
  Next vFile
  'lCounter = 0
  Exit Sub
  Call LogError_feo(Err, Err.Description, "fAdjustFiles @ FillListBox_FilesFound")
  Resume Exit_Proc
End Sub

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Failed to add .List below like this:

Me.ListBox_FilesFound.List(lCounter - 1, 0) = sFile
    Me.ListBox_FilesFound.List(lCounter - 1, 1) = sFileOnly

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