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Configuring ISCSI in VCSA 6.7.0

Trying out Starwind (free version).  Did some very basic configuration for it and it appears to be running.

In the web UI host configuration, I have an ISCSI Software Adapter running (vmhba64), status Online, with a server defined at (which is the IP address of the Windows 10gb nic cards).  But it also shows Under Targets/devices/paths 0  0  0  for all 3.

Selecting that adapter, there is nothing under the Devices tab below, nor Paths,   Dynamic Discovery has the listed.
Network Port Binding shows VMkernael (vSwitch2) as the port group,  vmk0 as the VMkernal Adapter, and Compliant as the port group policy.  The Path Status is <>Not used, and points to vmnic2 for the Physical Network Adapter.

Pretty sure I haven't finished the configuration on this properly yet.  ?


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