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Office 365 Apps open a blank white screen

When opening any Office 365 application all I see is a white screen.  Program is there as I can approximate where the X is and close the program.  Tried repairing and uninstalling and reinstalling.  No use.  
I recently upgraded from WIN7 to WIN10 and had some display issues when opening Word documents. I was able to use Office for a few weeks but had random display issues with Office files (Word, Excel, etc.)   Tried repairing and reinstalling -  
Narrowed issue down to not being able to see images in the documents.  Made a few changes in Display section in Word.  Now all I get is a white screen.  I see the menu bars at all.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

When I open Word in SAFE mode it shows the same white screen.  White screen is also being displayed by Visio 2016.  I tried installing Office 365 and Office 2019 (after uninstalling - that is only having one version installed at a time) and got the same WHITE  screen.
Robert Retzer

Try logging on with another user profile, to see if some how the user profile was corrupt.  Otherwise I think you may need to back up the user's data and do a clean install.

Logging on with a different profile produced the same result.  I think I'll try repairing the OS installation next.  I'm beginning to think this is an OS issue that might have to do with the video drivers.  If that doesn't work, I might try installing a new video card.  Any thoughts ?
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William Peck
Saif Shaikh

Format the BOX and install a new OS and then check..

Try to reproduce on a different machine with your profile installed.

The purpose is to avoid reformatting the BOX and try to fix the problem.
Scott Fell

What are the specs of the computer? RAM, Processor?  Does it meet the requirements?  

Are you using a 64 bit download on a 32 bit machine?

Did your computer come with office365 pre-installed?  Remove it completely (again), and log in to office.com making sure to select personal or business based on the subscription you purchased, and download your software from there.  If you have a 32 bit system, make sure switch to 32 bit as the default is 64 bit.  https://support.office.com/en-us/article/choose-between-the-64-bit-or-32-bit-version-of-office-2dee7807-8f95-4d0c-b5fe-6c6f49b8d261
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System is an i5, 16GB RAM with 1TB SSD.  System ran for 2 years as WIN7 and recently upgraded to WIN10 (in-place upgrade).  Office was not pre-installed under WIN7.  Ran scans with ESET and Malware Bytes which came up clean.

System is 64GB.

Office 365 was already downloaded from office.com and I tried a clean install of office 2019.
Scott Fell

Well, it seems everything is in place.

I manage some office365 installs for clients and the support from MS is very good. I know you posted here for answers, but you are paying for support with your ms office365 subscription and I would use that. Log in to your admin panel and use the support link. They will do a screen share with you live to help diagnose the issue.

I’ll try calling MS on Monday to see if they have any idea. I’ve purchased a new video card   Will install and see if that solves the issue
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