what amp should the plug be for a monitor and PC ?  5 amp or 13 amp

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spoke to a customer who had a monitor that wouldn’t power up

turns out the fuse was blown and it was a 5 amp in it

what amp should it be for a screen and what amp for a PC

I would have thought 13 amp for UK ?
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The outlet might output 13 amps, but the monitor will only draw less than 5 amps.  The fuse is there to protect the monitor from going over 5 amps.  It normally shouldn't go over that, but if there was a voltage spike then the circuit may go over.  The fuse is there to protect the monitor from those spikes and it did its job.
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Always replace a fuse with the equivalent fuse. Never replace the fuse with a higher amperage fuse
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5 amp fuse.

Here some readings to understand the importance:

As a rule of thumb, fuses are rated according to the power rating of the appliance. If you have to replace a fuse, it's essential, having checked and corrected the reason for the fuse blowing, to replace it only with another of the same rating. A common UK plug is generally fitted with a 3A or 13A fuse.

Plugs for appliances rated up to about 700 watts should have a 3-amp fuse (coloured red).

For example:

3A Fuse – Table lamp, standard lamp, television, video, computer, mixer, blender, fridge, freezer, power drill, jig saw, soldering iron.
Plugs for appliances rated between about 700 watts and 3000 watts (the maximum rating of a wall socket) should be fitted with a 13-amp fuse (coloured brown).

For example:

13A Fuse – Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, toaster, iron.
Manufacturers have now standardised plug fuse ratings to be either 3A or 13A. However, 5 Amp fuses are still used in some older equipment and are available to buy.
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i think those figures are too high for nowadays pc's; modern ones use much less power



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