Renaming room mailboxes - Just change displayname and add alias?

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Can you rename Room mailboxes in Exchange Online?

From what I can tell, all I'd need to do is rename the displayname, and add a primary alias with a new name (keeping the old alias around I guess would be helpful for old cached e-mails..)?Only thing I'm not sure on is if users' existing and recurring meetings would be updated with the new name. I think they'd just need to edit them and update to the "new" name of the location...?
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Your best bet is to user powershell connected to Exchange online and do your renaming for this room mailbox.  You will need to rename the Name,DisplayName,Alias, and add the new primarysmtpaddress

$N = "putnewnamehere"
$D = "putnewdisplayNamehere"
$A = "putnewaliashere"
$P = "putnewsmtpaliashere"
Set-Mailbox "originalemailaddressordisplaynamehere"  -Name $N -DisplayName $D -Alias $A -WindowsEmailAddress $P

*using windowsemailaddress will set the new primarysmtpaddress and keep the old primarysmtpaddress as an alias.*
Awesome thanks very much! Sorry for my delay.

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