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Quickbooks 2019 Enterprise locks up while working with employee data

Curtis Long
Curtis Long asked
Using quickbooks 20019 enterprise.  If I go to the employees tab and try to update information there within about three transactions quickbooks will stop responding.  If we wait approx 3-5 minutes it will start responding again and work for 1-5 transactions.

We have

Verified data
Rebuilt data
and Condensed data to no avail.

Windows logs show SOME errors:

An unexpected error has occured in Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 19.0: DBConnPool::HandleConnectionError errorCode:-6069, dbCode:-103 from file:src\connpool.cpp at line 1042 from function:DBMgr::DBConnPool::init

- An unexpected error has occured in "Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions:

DQE execution failed. Could not retrieve COUNT(user name).

Any thoughts on how I could fix this??
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Sean BravenerSenior Information Technology Consultant
Awarded 2019
Distinguished Expert 2019

how are you storing the QB data?  is it on a network drive or stored locally?  I ask because based on the error, it is looking like a disk error.  if you have the ability, can you copy the data to a flash drive and try and access it from there?  or a network drive?
Distinguished Expert 2019
Contact qb payroll support, it seems they are aware of the issue, the difficulty is to identify the cause as it is intermittent.
Or does your case have this issue all the time?