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Word - deleting a file from Recent Files

A client inadvertently deleted a file from his Recent files list in Word 2016. When he went to retrieve it from the Recycle Bin, the file was not there. I poked around his computer certain he'd made a mistake, but couldn't find the file.

 I ran a test on his computer, and sure enough, deleting a file from Word's Recent files list deleted the file without putting it in the Recycle Bin.

I ran the same test on my own computer with the same results. Deleting a file from Word 2016's Recent files list deletes the file without putting it in the Recycle bin.

Both computer are Windows 10 and both copies of Word are from the desktop product, not Office 365 version.

I was really surprised by this behavior, and wonder if this is the new norm.


Happy New Year to all!
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