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Hello all,

I have a database called 'Customer' within it I have a table called 'Product' and within this product table I have a column called 'Class' and ' Client'. Now this class column has single values and  numerous values in the column separated by a ; it looks like this:

Class      Client
1                   a
5                   b
6                   c
8;4                   d
7                   e
2                   f
1                   g
3                   h
2;1                   i
8;5;9;10       j
10                   k

what i am trying to accomplish is separate all of the classes  by client and apply a text value to the class. for example here is the text value I want to correspond with the numerical values under the class column. (unfortunately these text values are not in the database and I dont have permission to create a table).
Class      Poduct
1                cat
2                dog
3                 bird
4                fish
5                 tree
6                car
7                desk
8                TV
9               door
10               bike
11               radio
12               disk

This is what the desired output would look like.

Client      Class
a                cat
b                tree
c               car
d                TV
d                fish
e                desk
f                dog
g                 cat
h                bird
i                dog
i                cat
j                tree
j                TV
j                 door
j                bike
k                 bike

How would I do this? I am using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Thank you!
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Kent OlsenData Warehouse / Database Architect

You've got two real issues, both which solve easily.  :)

You don't need to create a table.  Use a CTE to build a "Local" table and if a matching table is ever created as a permanent table, just delete the definition from the CTE and the SQL still works.

WITH classes () AS
  SELECT 1 as class,  'cat" as product
  SELECT 2, dog
  SELECT 3, bird

Parsing the string to return each class can be done with recursive SQL, a function, regex, etc.  Do you have a preference?

Then it's just a matter of writing the nearly trivial SQL to put it all together.
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If you are using SQL Server 2016 and have  the compatibility level set at least 130, you have a STRING_SPLIT function that can replace the XML trick below:

Since I don't have access to that, I'm using the XML trick.

with classes as (
	select '1' as class,'cat' as product
	union all
	select '2','dog'
	union all
	select '3','bird'
	union all
	select '4','fish'
	union all
	select '5','tree'
	union all
	select '6','car'
	union all
	select '7','desk'
	union all
	select '8','TV'
	union all
	select '9','door'
	union all
	select '10','bike'
	union all
	select '11','radio'
	union all
	select '12','disk'
csv_to_rows as (
	select client,Split.a.value('.', 'VARCHAR(100)') as class
     	select client, CAST ('<M>' + REPLACE(class, ';', '</M><M>') + '</M>' as xml) as data 
     	from product     
	) as a 
	cross apply data.nodes ('/M') as split(a)
select client, product
from csv_to_rows r
	join classes c on  r.class=c.class

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Working example here:


Thank you so much for the help!
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Happy to help and welcome to the site!

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