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Need Recommendation on a Access Point

I didn't think the would be this hard but is has turned in to an impossible task. Looking for an Access Point that will let you have multiple SSIDs. One SSID to have internet only. No access to anything else on the LAN (can't even see or ping anything). The other SSID to have internet AND access too other devices on the LAN.
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I am going to point out the Meraki MR32. It does everything I ask with no VLAN or Router :) That is what I am trying to replace. It is a mixed network. Workstations and WiFi. Guests and Employees both on the WiFi.
Well..... I got in a couple Linksys APS and they are heading where you are @nappy_d. The router is already partitioned in to VLANS. The problem seems to be that the VLAN the APs are plugged in to also have printers on it. What they said I needed to do was create yet another VLAN which is "Guest Only" then plug all the APs in to this Guest Only" VLAN and use VLAN tagging on the SSID. Is this where you were heading?
Your physical devices, the AP's, need to be in what's called the management network.  For argument's sake, the vLAN the printers are on is fine for this.

When you configure your SSID's  you need to specify the vLAN ID.

BTW, I'm not too familiar with the Linksys brand of AP's and not saying they are not good.  But can they be managed centrally?  If they cannot, they can cause issues with wireless roaming as devices disassociate from AP1 and re-associate to AP2 or AP3, etc.
You kind of hit the main question. When you specify the VLAN ID of the SSID it becomes a part of that VLAN no matter where it is plugged in on the switch?

These are their newer ones (LACAP2600C) that are either centrally managed via the cloud or cluster managed it configuring locally. This particulay model has "Romaing". 802.11N or whatever it is but the endpoints don't really roam.

The issue Linksys said I needed to address is that I don't really have a "Guest" VLAN to point the Guest SSID to. That I needed to create a "Guest" VLAN.
I don't know what their management interface looks like etc or if they support a captive portal for guest wifi etc.

I implement, manage and support Unifi systems which support this fairly easily.

Are you sold on the Linksys or open to other options?

Other Questions:
  • What is the brand and model of your network switch?
  • What is the distance between the AP's
  • How many SSIDs do you need to broadcast?
  • Did you want to implement bandwidth restrictions?
I am definitely open to other options. My preference would be Ubiquiti but they do not offer Client Isolation. That is what is making the project so tough. Meraki has client isolation and this Linksys is the only other one I have found that will do that.
They do support this.  As long as the Guest Policy enabled, they will not be able to communicate with other hosts.
Well.... this was a long drawn out issue with Ubiquiti. You can still scan the network from the guest network and it will find and display information about all devices on the LAN. You are not "supposed" to be able to access anything on them.......

What they don't support yet is "client isolation". Were wireless clients can't see each other. I guess you need Gen 3 devices and even then the Controller isn't there yet. I like their products but the "support" kind of sucks......