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In a new environment one of the projects left behind by a predecessor was to upgrade the encryption on their DMVPN from 3DES to AES 256. That's a good goal to be up to modern standards. But I see a lot of other areas of greater vulnerability. And the update and verification of hundreds of spoke sites will take considerable time. My question: how vulnerable is a 3DES encrypted DMVPN network?
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Due to mishaps in DES a 3DES "168bit" key effectivly becomes 112bit,  Which is considered to short Also you need to encrypt a stream 3 times for 3DES.

AES is optimised for speed and faster than 3DES is.   It isn;t only the Encryption, also the hashes computed as verification need upgrading to SHA256, or at least SHA1/SHA2  (with 3DES most often MD5 was used MD5 has been invalidated as a hash function about 15 years ago, as realtime collisions can be computed with current hardware. (ie a packet content can be changed without the hash being modified).

Upgrading can be done link by link. No need to do a big bang.
See here for a simple comparison between 3DES & AES: http://www.differencebetween.net/technology/difference-between-aes-and-3des/
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That's really helpful. Thanks Noci. I didn't realize there could be a speed enhancement there. That would be a big bonus as they send a lot of VDI traffic over these links and we're trying to reduce some grumbles on that performance.

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