SQL Server 2016 get count from results of two tables

Wayne Barron
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I am trying to do a count, to get the number of albums that go with the artist
Here is my table(s)

AlbumID   ArtistID
1                1
2                1
3                2
4                6

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TrackID    AlbumID
1               1
2               1
3               1
4               1
5               2
6               2
7               2
8               2
9               6
10             6

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What I need is to get the total album ct.
Which in the case above, will be 2 for the Artist 1

When I try to run it with a count(Albums.ArtistID) AS Albums
I get "21"
When I need 2

Running this one
count(distinct Albums.ArtistID) AS Albums
I get 1

Thank you
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

try like this?

;with Albums as
	Select 1 AlbumID, 1 ArtistID union all
	Select 2 AlbumID, 1 union all
	Select 3 AlbumID, 2 union all
	Select 4 AlbumID, 6
Select ArtistID, count(ArtistID) AlbumCount
from Albums
Group By ArtistID

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Distinguished Expert 2017

Cte is a bit much.
Select artistid, count(artistid) as Album_count from albums group by artistid
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Hey guys.,
So, I tried something and it worked.
I ran a simple count on the tracks table, and got the results I was wanting.
I then added the Albums table to it, and it worked.
This is the code that worked.

SELECT        COUNT(DISTINCT Tracks.AlbumID) AS Albums
FROM            Tracks INNER JOIN
                         Albums ON Tracks.AlbumID = Albums.AlbumID
WHERE        Tracks.LID=1

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This will give me the exact count that goes with the given ID.
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You can do the same on the album grouping by artistid count albumid
I think I counted the wrong in the example

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