Hardware Capacity requirements for a Oracle database on a Red Hat Linux Machine.

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Dear Gurus
We are planning to have a 10 TB capacity Oracle 12 C Database hosted on a Virtual BL660 servers.
Typically the number of users/apps who will connect is around 200 max at any given time.
Was looking to find out how much vCPU and vRAM should I request for the same.

IS there any simple thumb rule to follow for this.?

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You want some sort of capacity planning tool.

Since it's hard to know anything about the nature of use interaction with the database, it is difficult to predict how much resources will be required.
Rule of thumb with databases can be unreliable.
What tends to happen is to learn from previous system before upgrade is planned. But in absence of previous system, you could choose hardware based on budget and how critical the application is.
64G RAM is not uncommon these days. Though I worked on an implemetation recently with 512G RAM.
I'll say 64 is decent to start with, with the option of increasing in future following analysis of performance after usage for sometime.
Regarding vCPU, again I would suggest starting with 4 CPU's with the option of incrementing should a need be justified in the future.

This is my best stab at this, but I'll let other experts contribute, in case I've missed the mark.

Hope this helps a little.

there are Oracle templates out there but they are based on the Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform..

Hi, Neither the database size nor the users connected are helpful for CPU and RAM capacity planning: data can be cold, users can be idle...
It depends on the user activity on the database, on the application design (many small roundtrips to the database cost a lot more than one call with all running in the database). Do you have anything currently running, like current application or load test, so that you can extrapolate?
But, the most expensive resource is not vCPU or RAM but the Oracle Database licenses which are dependent on the physical number of cores. You are talking about VMware, right? Do you have the whole cluster licensed for the Oracle Database?
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I verified with what other instances of Oracle we have. So it seems for every 150 users, we are using 10 vCPU, with 40 GB RAM for 10 TB storage. Going with that as my guiding reference, yes we have the whole cluster license from Oracle...and yes it costs an arm and a leg. Thanks for all your help/

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