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Need an Excel formula to partially match certain words from memo fields

RNikolai001 used Ask the Experts™
I think I need a Reverse partial match lookup to filter for a list
Need to summarize (weekly) thousands of rows of data by returning a partial match of specific text (from a separate list of words) out of memo fields.
The sheet has support request information for various users. The users' issues can be reduced to a few topics, but I need a formula to partially match certain words from the  memo fields in the support reports and return the word(s) that match a topic list (in the example, the topic list is in a separate sheet in the work book).
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You can start from this sample. There are two extra columns, but it simplify formulas
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Microsoft has a "fuzzy logic" add-in that does a pretty good job on problems like this. It is free, and may be downloaded from: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=15011 

After you install the add-in, you will need to put your Topics list data are in a Table. Likewise with the data in worksheet Raw Data. Do this by selecting any cell in the data, then using the Insert...Table menu item.

Next, you will launch the Fuzzy Logic add-in. It is a COM add-in when you go looking to load it. Once loaded, you may click the Fuzzy Logic header on the far right of the ribbon to launch it.

In the Fuzzy Logic task pane, select the Topics item from one table and the Reason for call from the other. Click the icon between them to establish the relationship, then click Go.Fuzzy Logic screen capture
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Rats! The corporate administrator will not allow me to install the add in and I'm sure that would be the quickest, cleanest way to give the results that are needed. Thank you for your answer.