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Backing up Windows PCs to a private remote NAS

My client owns a retail store with several PCs.  He would like to place a Synology NAS in his home and backup his store computers to that home NAS directly, across the Internet.

What is the way to accomplish this?   Or, what are the options I could explore, for accomplishing this?
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VPN would be an best option but it take skills and equipment to setup it (I'm not talking about free software VPN)
If you don;t have Firewall in store with VPN support , then software VPN is your option.

Second option is HFT server.  ( )
It's very simple program that will setup small file server and if you'll add folder on home computer and select option Upload then from store you going to be able open server using regular browser any upload any file.

As a backup like ITguy565 said Acronics is good and you can also consider AOMEI Backuper Free
This is grate software that will allow create whole computer image in single file or if you wish you can split into smallest archives - then it will be much secure to upload them through internet
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Thanks, Experts!  Now I have to figure out how to build a site to site VPN!