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Equipment recommendation for a site to site VPN and NAS

John Atkinson
John Atkinson used Ask the Experts™
I need to set up a site to site VPN, to allow a client to back up his office computers to a NAS in his home, across the Internet.  We haven’t purchased the NAS, nor routers, yet.  I’m looking for a recommendation for the brand, and even the model, of router, or routers (or firewalls) I’d need to accomplish this.  I know that some NAS-es feature a VPN server (QNAP does, anyway,) but I’m not clear that it would be appropriate for a site to site always-on VPN.  Please address this topic, too.  Thanks!
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

This may or may not be possible.

First you must test you can actually reach the person's home.

Far easier for this person to setup a VPN connection into the business, rather than the business into a residential ISP where IP may change with no warning.
John AtkinsonIT Consultant


Very good point, David Favor.  Do site-to-site VPNs require static IPs?
Distinguished Expert 2017

1) site to site VPN to a hone is unadvisable as it will expose the business network to commonly weaker security hone systems all the user devices phones computers, etc.

What is the baclup tools used?
It might be simpler to backuo to the cloud in addition to local backups.
What type of connection exists at the home?
Sata sensitivity?
How much data?
Type of backup?

What type of connection, resources exist at the buisiness location.
How familiar are you with firewalls, juniper, Cisco, sonicwall, etc.
John AtkinsonIT Consultant


All the tools are yet to be identified, arnold.  I agree, cloud backup would be simpler.  I'll pursue that.  

I don't have answers to the other questions yet.

I'm not familiar with commercial firewalls, but I'm clear I'm about to learn!
Distinguished Expert 2017

Idrive is one option, client installed on the system to be backed up. You can download and test out their free 5GB account.
Two option, let them choose the encryption key, or pick/set your own.
Note: if you set your own encryption key and you forget/lose it, the backup data  be ones inaccessible, unrecoverable.

The client has two modes, cloud backup schedule and a local backup to a local NAS to allow for quick recovery while the cloud provides for DR like ....... Recovery of data..

Amazon S3 has a glacier backup .....
IT Consultant
Guess I'll figure this one out on my own.  Thanks for your contributions, arnold and David Favor.