Javascript: open popup, wait till loaded, close

Vadim Rapp
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In SSRS report showing pending invoices, in the last column I have a hyperlink that marks the invoice as sent. This is accomplished by setting Action to the following:


"MarkInvoiceAsSent" is an asp page that quietly performs the requested database transaction, with no output. "12345" is for this example only, in fact it substitutes the correct value from this row.

The problem is that w.close closes the page before it has opened, so the transaction is not performed.

Is there a way to modify javascript so that it would wait until the page is complete before closing it? Or perhaps some other way to accomplish this.
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Found the way;

="javascript:var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET','http://myserver/MarkInvoiceAsSent/?invoice_id=12345');xmlhttp.send();document.location.reload(true)"

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