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Remote Desktop Session disconnecting

On Tuesday we had a power outage that lasted about 30 minutes but during that time all our servers shut down. When all the services came back up the network seemed OK however when my users started using our Terminal Server to connect to our ERP system DB it would work for a while then the user would get an SQLDBCode: 999 Select error: SQLSTATE = 08S01.

I have restarted all the servers and looked through the Event logs but I don't see anything that stands out. This all seems like the terminal session hiccups and the ERP system on the terminal server loses the connection to the database.

How do I troubleshoot/fix this issue?
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If this wasn't happening prior to your power failure then I would probably look at the switchport that the server is connected to. Check the logs, there could be something happening to that port that is causing it to shutdown due to STP protection or another error.

That error is a communication break to the server or the connection. This is probably where I would start then work my way out from there.
Along the lines of the ITguy565 comment.

If all your gear was on UPS systems, then likely all their state was saved, so after power was restored all was well.

Any device not on a UPS with volatile state (no persistent storage for state/setup info) will likely have to be reconfigured.

These days almost every device maintains setup/state/config data across power cycles, so look at your entire infrastructure for any really old devices, for a good starting point for communication problems.

A common problem of old devices is ports reset to some slow speed + half duplex.

If this occurs, when connecting gear is set to something like 1G full duplex, then you'll see odd communication problems.
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