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I have a question about how to create an alarm when tech makes a change to a VM. for example, the memory, disk etc.
Is there any way in which I can get an alert?
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If I were faced with a problem of some outside agency (tech) making unauthorized changes to VMs... wow... first step would be to make this a firing offense, if large amounts of money are involved with VMs.

Next, add some simple code to each VM to run every minute looking for changes in number of CPUs, I/O limits, memory size, then email a notification list of interested parties, so action can be taken.
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I'm afraid out of the box, there is no function which is going to recognise changes to a VM, and fire off an email.

This needs auditing, and VMware have left this to third parties to providing Auditing software which does this, and VMware also has products in VMware vRealize Operations, which covers configuration management, audit and change control.

CounterACT by Forescout is another product some of our clients also use.

But in most organisations we work for, they have Change Controls in place and procedures that changes to production machines are limited to a few, and those are then discussed at Change Board Meetings to discuss if the change should go ahead.

If you really have changes being made by cowboy administrators, you really need to resolve those internal issues and policies.

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