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I am trying to generate a report that will include the total mailbox quota for all my users.  When I use this string in the exchange admin console:Get-MailboxStatistics -server XXXXXX | Sort-Object TotalItemSize -Descending | fl displayname,database*quota,totalitemsize, I don't get the information I need.  A few of my users have larger quota's set for them.  According to the report that gets generated by using that string, it says that their databaseprohibitsendquota is set to 2GB, but the mailbox prohibit send is set to 4.88GB when I check by logging into the exchange admin console.  Is there a parameter that will get me total mailbox quota, not the database quota?
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It seems as if you know your way around Powershell.  You can make this pretty if needed.

Get-Mailbox <Identity> | Format-List IssueWarningQuota,ProhibitSendQuota,ProhibitSendReceiveQuota,UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults

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Perfection! Thank you!

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