Suggestion for a modern Javascript Frontend Framework

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I have built for some time Python and Java backends and, in the rare case I was also doing the frontend (mostly in the past) I was using bootstrap + jQuery.
Frontend landscape has wildly changed and I would like to update my skills to keep up with the new frameworks.

My main focus is backend so I am searching for a Javascript frontend that is worth learning but that doesn't have a steep learning curve and can allow me to create tiny frontends easily (mostly showing / editing data in a responsive grid).

Do you have any suggestion about a Javascript backend I should pick up so that I can be able to learn a useful skill and solve my simple frontends needs easily?

Thanks for your kind help.
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If it were me, I would keep using what you know. With that said, look to vue.  The learning curve is not as steep as Angular.


Thanks, I will look into Vue :)

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