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What is SOCKS and can we use SSH port forwarding to achieve it?

I have been playing with SSH local and remote port forwarding and have a little understanding of it. I am wondering if it is same as SOCKS protocol and how using SSH dynamic port we can achieve it.

Also, I am wondering what is the use case of SOCKS when we have VPN and port forwarding.

Thanks in Advance
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Describe exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

This context will help shape answers.
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ssh port forwarding is protocol agnostic.  When ssh receives a connection request, it will pass this on to the system mentioned the linked settings.
And it will forward all data...  There is no communication about the connection between program & SSH.

Socks is a protocol where your program talks to the proxy to request several things on it's behalf.  So there is active communication between the proxy & the program about the connections.

This better explains Socks proxies and where they belong.

Socks does NOT encrypt, it can authenticate.
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