Sharepoint power app work flow send more than 3 people to approved by pririty

ukerandi used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,

I need to use Sharepoint workflow to Approval process.
so first add to List to sharepoint  List with priority. This work is fine.It's working with power app.
But issue is i need to send priority 1 to email  and after approved then need to send email to asking second priority to email asking for approval...ect
Any example much appriciated. I tried to use do until but problem is how select pririty 1 ,2,3...etc
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Hi ukerandi,

This can bit tricky. Is it a must for you to use SharePoint Workflow? How about using Microsoft Power Automate Approval Flow?



yes i have already check that. But i managed to do with different way. Anyway thanks for comments

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