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Tool/script that hashes (or make non readable) a bat script : how to use it

I ran the script in above link (in a cmd window) & it created a red-text window which I used Win Explorer
to drag & drop my script into it: didn't get the converted 'hashed' (non readable) script?

What did I miss
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I haven't tested the method you posted but here's one that uses IExpress. Still, a downside is that you can't pass arguments to the encrypted bat:

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You need to drag the batch file you want to convert over the Certutil_B64_Encoding_Files.bat file, not start the Certutil_B64_Encoding_Files.bat, and then drag the file into it.
Alternatively, you can open a command prompt and run
C:\temp\Certutil_B64_Encoding_Files.bat "C:\temp\BatToEncode.bat"

Open in new window

What is it you want to achieve? Note that this will not secure your bat file in any way!
Anybody with access to the encoded bat file can just replace Start "DJBuzzRadio" "%Temp%\DJBuzzRadio.vbs" with type "%Temp%\DJBuzzRadio.vbs" and immediately see the decoded script.


> Anybody with access to the encoded bat file can just replace
At least not many people in my organization (including auditors)
are savvy enough to know how to do this