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How can this script be altered to EXCLUDE a set of words like "the", to", "and", "from", "for" from the capitalization:

I quickly solved the retyping problem:
+^k:: ; SHIFT+CTRL+K converts text to capitalized
  Clipboard := ""
  SendInput, ^c ;copies selected text
  StringUpper Clipboard, Clipboard, T ; Title mode conversion
  SendInput %Clipboard%


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Hi OT,
I have an AutoHotkey solution for you. Testing it right now. Also toying with the idea of publishing an EE article with it. Will keep you updated. Regards, Joe

Update: Decided to write the's the link:
Exclude words when converting to "Title Case" - AutoHotkey Script
Regards, Joe


EXTREMELY HELPFUL!  EXTREMELY HELPFUL!  EXTREMELY HELPFUL!   J O E ! ! !  You are AH-MAZING!  Take a look at that SCRIPT and how well it works!!  Not just an answer - but an ARTICLE!  Helping not only me, but many others.  Building EE and just REALLY giving a helping hand.  I'm mired in a research project and while somewhat conversant in computers, I'd a NEVER been able to get that right.  Which would have strewn inconsistency across all the data I'm trying to organize.  

Your article lead me to your OTHER many articles!  When I see how much help you're giving to folks I feel grateful and impressed.  Thank you, Joe!
Joe WinogradDeveloper
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You're welcome, OT, and my thanks back to you for the extremely kind words...very nice to hear! Thanks, too, for the article Endorsement...I'm glad to know that the script is working well for you. Best of luck with your research project. Regards, Joe

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