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I'm running VMware 6.0 and Veeam 9.5.  I just noticed that my DC has over 260 snapshots.  I think Veeam is having trouble of some sort and now I have a mess.  

Consolidating is not working as the error says the file is locked.  

The VM is turned off.

I need to clean this up but consolidate and remove snapshots is not working.  Too many redo logs.

Anyone have any sage advice on how to fix?
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Welcome to Snapshot Hell!!!

Basically VMware Support will tell you that's not a supported configuration or even possible!

Simple to fix...

1. CLONE the VM --> the new CLONED VM will be without any snapshots, then delete the original VM, once checked.

2. VMware Converter --> Create a V2V and delete the original VM.

(and check your VMs daily after backups - because 260 snapshots....... running on a snapshot has been missed!)

Daily Admin, Alarms, Scripts can be run to check this daily after backups...


You must be teaching me something cos that's exactly what I was doing!!!  Thanks for the confirmation.
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np, good luck let me know if it completes....

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