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How to understand what type of SFP transceivers my switch support?

Hi Guys,
I'm starting to get interested in the technicalities of fiber connections
In this case I've a cisco SLM2024 switch with 2 SFP port.
My question is how to understand what type of SFP transceivers the switch support?
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David Favor
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You'll start by looking at your device, say using a search of - cisco SLM2024 SFP compatible transceivers - or something similar.

Then match some company's transceiver with the exact type + speed of your connection, in your case this will match your exact fiber drop.

To "understand" what matches, you'll be in touch with Cisco + the transceiver vendor + your fiber drop vendor.

Getting an exact Fiber match may be an adventure.
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Hi David,
sorry, but I don't understand (it's my fault).
If I search cisco SLM2024 SFP compatible transceivers it spit out a lot of inconsistent result.

What do you mean by speed of your connection?
I read datasheet of switch and I understand that support SFP transcivers (SFP, not SFP+ i guess)

What do you mean by your fiber drop vendor?
I will buy the fibre cable according to the gbic

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Pete Long
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Hi Pete,
thanks for your response.
My question is how to figure out by myself.
Well for nearly every other CIsco Switch you just find the DataSheet, but these are 'cheap and nasty' (sorry)