Exchange SSL Certificate Authentication

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Hi all,
We are renewing Exchange certificate, I dont need to create a certificate request, as its just a renewal.
I have the go daddy exchange SSL certificate, I have imported it in MMC --> personal certificates, but it doesn't show the key icon on the certificate that its trusted?

How can i get the key icon on SSL certificate?

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what is the Exchange version ?

check this detailed article

all thebest
Pete LongTechnical Consultant

What blue ribbon icon?

Saif ShaikhServer engineer

Please see attached image. Do you mean BLUE RIBBON as this image.

Then you need to contact your vendor and ask them about the blue ribbon not visible when clicking on the certificate.
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Hani M .S. Al-habshiContributor as IT Expert

Check this Article

personal certificates, but it doesn't show the blue ribbon on the certificate that its trusted?

I think you talking about Privet Key  associated with the SSL Cert
LeoSnr Network Eng


its the key icon on the certificate, please see the attached picture.

Contributor as IT Expert
Yes , some time you need to double check the certificate back in MMC by double clicking it. If your certificate states “You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate.” This means your SSL Certificate was able to marry with its private key, and is now ready for binding to its services, export, etc..

If you still do not see a private key associated with your certificate then perform the following command :
certutil -repairstore my “<thumbprint>”

as mention here

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