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Powershell Function

Powershell Function

I am running the code shown below. I enter a value and it should return the Cubicle value of it.
However I do not understand where the  outcome came from.

for instance, when I enter number 3 I should see 27,  instead of the outcome shown below

Thank you

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Read-Host will treat the input as String, so you need to set it as Integer instead.

so try this instead

[int]$y=Read-Host("enter value: ")

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Function get-cube([int]$x)

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Should you wonder what PowerShell did read: It saw
   "3" * "3" * "3"
and since there is no "string * string" operator but a "string * integer", it converts the second string into a number. "string * integer" means "repeat the string n times". So the expression is
  ("3" * 3) * "3"   ==>   "333" * "3"  ==>  "333" * 3   ==>   "333333333"
Write-Host ($result )   ->  You cannot access the value of $result this way since $result is local to that function. It is not available externally. so $result is $null here (ie out of the function) it is displaying $null value so you are not seeing any thing on display.

The output is from this -> Get-cube($y)
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Thank you Guys!

will get to this topic in the future