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Cisco AnyConnect VPN and McAfee LiveSafe trouble...

Hi there.

I got a new laptop with McAfee LiveSafe preinstalled. I need to run Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to connect to some servers, and on my old laptop that worked with Avira antivirus package (the free edition). Now on my new laptop I get a problem with compliance when I install the VPN client. The install works fine, but when the compliance module check on installed antivirus and firewall, then it doesn't recognize all McAfee elements and complains that the security software isn't up to date. Consequence: I get access to no servers. Look at the attached screenshot of the security software that AnyConnect recognizes and not.
I tried to uninstall the VPN client completely... including all folders - and install again, but same thing happens. Only thing I didn't mess with is the regedit.
Does any of you have any suggestions what to do? Of course I can remove McAfee and install Avira, that works on my old laptop... I just prefer McAfee because it takes less resources than Avira... and I kinda payed for McAfee as it was part of the laptop.
Looking forward to any suggestions. Thank you. :-)

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