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Issues with Fonts in Word 2010

I am struggling to replace my QuaySansBook/BookSC (Type 1 Font file QSBK._PFM) after being forced by Microsoft to upgrade my computer to Windows 10 (with Office 2010).

ALL my work (for the last 20 years) is in this font - but it is not recognised on this new system. I was advised to buy a new QuaySans - but even when I the new font up as the Default Font in 'normal' on my documents it is not changing the normal font on the page back to QuaySans. I end up with a MESS. The documents are showing in Times - and my careful layout is completely lost.

I have changed the Normal template to accommodate the new font but it does not work
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.PFM - I believe that is the Adobe Type 1 font format, usually used with Adobe Type Manager (no longer developed).  You will need to install the TTF (True Type Font) version of QuaySansBook/BookSC which means purchasing the newer format.

Otherwise, you could try the following to see if Windows will accept the older version:

To install PFM/PFB fonts in Windows 7, you can copy the PFM and PFB files to the C:\Windows\Fonts\ directory, right-click the PFM file, and select "Install" from the list. You can then view the font with the Microsoft Windows Font Viewer, which can be opened by navigating to the \Windows\Fonts\ directory in the Windows Explorer, or by typing "font" in the Windows Start menu search box and then clicking "View installed fonts" from the populated search list.