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Need a device that has 2 lapel mics that can used at the same time and plug into laptop for gotomeeting event for audio

I am setting up a gotomeeting event and I have a camera and laptop ready.  I am using a lapel mic and receiver that works just fine for audio for the meeting.  I was wondering if there was another setup I could use that would allow me to have 2 lapel mics and 1 receiver that would plug into the port on the laptop.  I have sent pics of the mic and receiver I currently am using.  I want 2 mics if possible so the presenters do not have to hand over the mic each time they speak at the podium.
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Why not use bluetooth and connect both at the same time?
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What is the range of bluetooth?  I need like 50 feet in all directions.  The device I use is 2.4GHZ signal.  Thought I would rather have use that rather than bluetooth.  Are there devices that can have 2 bluetooth lapel mics that work at the same time?
normally in this situation each microphone goes to its own receiver and the output of the receiver is sent to a MIXER which is then sent to the input of the device.
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