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Managing appearance, color scheme for application, system wide

arnold used Ask the Experts™
Windows 10 managing color scheme for application.

Dealing with applications that use Windows scheme, but in Windows 10 the options are extremely limited.

The applications in question do not have their own appearance management scheme as some applications like office products.

The prior OS, 7 the view was grayish scheme. On the win 10 scheme the GUI palette from MS has a bluish tint within

All one can controls allow us to change the application outline colors.
Nothing controls the internal window view.

Realize, MS seems to use design ...
From upgrade version to version, they have added some additional controls.
But not an option to control application level appearance customization. Color scheme.
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Unless the application was written to use system colors for various elements, there's likely very little you can do to change the colors within the application.  It's almost certainly hard-coded to look a certain way or switch among a small selection of color schemes.
Distinguished Expert 2017


Thanks for the response Paul.  checked with the vendor and they are using the Windows Scheme..
i.e. Outlook  and office provide a configuration of the appearance settings for the respective application. This vendor relies on the windows "appearance settings"
but besides borders, and title bar color, the inner window is white-grey-blue tint in win 10 while in win7 it was white-grey.
It is an accountant type of software from Thompson-Reuters. When speaking to them, they indicate their application relies on the windows scheme.
Director, Information Systems
The "borders, and title bar color, the inner window" is what they're talking about when they say "Windows Scheme"  What you're seeing are the default values Windows 10 gives those elements.  Some (like the border and title bar) can be changed outside the application.  Others (the "inner window") can't be changed from outside the application, so they have to be changed from inside the application.  If the people who wrote the software didn't make any accommodation for that, then there's little you can do.
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Yes, have been looking where windows has/stores internal application color scheme. For some time.
Thanks for your insight