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GP 2013 Slow Payables Posting


As of two months ago, a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 end user has experienced slow payables posting.  She is not aware of any changes, from two months ago.

She uses Citrix with local modified reports dictionaries located on the Citrix box.  The PJOURNAL job is running and is successfully removing these from the companies.  They reboot the SQL box, every night.  She is not the only user experiencing this issue and it is occurring in all companies.

Is there a "silver bullet" that will allow for speeding up the posting?


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1) Citrix is heavy VM tech, so speed can be greatly influenced by other machine activity, especially disk i/o.

2) You asked, Is there a "silver bullet" that will allow for speeding up the posting?



Run the App on a bare metal server (no Citrix) on a quiet machine (no other activity).

3) Rebooting machines is a poor fix.

Better to actually debug the exact problem + fix the problem... which my relate back to running Citrix...
While I am a big fan of regularly rebooting SQL servers, I usually recommend doing it monthly. Did something happen to cause you to start rebooting daily? I ask because it might have some bearing on what is causing the issue you're asking about, and I am also curious what might have caused such a drastic response.

There is no silver bullet that will work for all situations of slow posting. It can be caused by MANY different things. Some GP related, some environment related. Some questions and things to try to help narrow down the issue:

  1. Is this the only thing that all of a sudden is slow? Specifically for payables transactions (invoices/credit memos)? Only that one transaction type?
  2. How often is the Citrix server rebooted? If it has not been restarted in a while, try that and see if that makes a difference. Also would be helpful to try when you're the only user on there.
  3. Do you have the GP application installed on the SQL server? If so, can you try posting a batch of the same transaction type directly on there to see if it is also slow?
  4. Do you have a lot of reports printing when the posting is done? If so, as a test, turn them all off and post - still slow?
  5. Are there any customizations/modifications/3rd party products in place in place?
  6. Are all users experiencing this or just some? If it's not all users, I would test with different GP users as well as different Windows users to see if you can narrow down when it happens.
  7. How many transactions are typically in a batch? Does it happen with 1 or 2 or only with a lot?

This is probably not an exhaustive list, but hopefully somewhere to start.
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Hi All:

I discovered that the cause was the client's environment not being on the latest build of one of the third-party products.

Thank you, for the help!

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