SQL Server 2014 >> Restore database from both bak and trn files??

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I have a SQL server 2014 which backs up database called “YJJ” to a folder. Within that folder I several files. Please see attached excel file for that info. Now just looking at the excel, the full back up [.bak] happens at 2AM daily, followed by [.trn] backups every 30 mins.
So if I want to RESTORE the database to 1/6/2020 with both .bak and .trn…how will I do it?
Also, there is also a [YJJ_Log_bk.bak] which I am not sure what to do?

When doing the backup – I go
Right Click >> Restore Database
Device >> Add >> Select multiple files, starting from .bak at 2AM to all the .TRN files after that time stamps?

Is my approach correct? Or did I missed a step ?

Thanks a lot
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The bak is presumably a full backup of the database. Use the bak to restore the database from scratch.

Then use the trn files to restore to a point in time between the full backups.

Im not sure of GUI steps but the wizard will walk you through it.

Note: if this db is used by others, be careful not to restore over your production system.


Thanks everyone

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