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I cannot save Excel files off domain network

I have a problem with Office Excel.
If I have an Excel file saved in my local hard drive or Flash drive I can only open it like a network user if I am connected to the domain network, if I am offline I got the following error:
Microsoft Excel cannot access the file ‘C:\myfile\test.xlsx’. There are several possible reasons:
The Filename or path does not exist.
The file is being used by another program.
The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook.
But I can open the file if I log on in the computer with a local account or with a domain account but connect to the network directly or by VPN.
I can create a new Excel file offline by right click and new file but I cannot open it.
If I open Excel with the PC offline and try to save it I cannot browse, basically, I cannot save it.
Off-Network I can right-click and open the file with Notepad.
We have Windows 10 and Office 2016 Professional.
Any ideasExcel Error
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

I'm not sure I understand. You have to log on to the system somehow. IF you are "offline" in the sense that you haven't logged on, then you won't have rights to c:\myfile. To fix it, check the security settings on that folder to see if "everyone" has access.


If I am at my work and login to the PC I  can open the Excel File using Office Excel. If I am at home and login at the same PC with the network credential but connected to my personal wireless I can not open the Excel file in my C: drive or a Flash Drive.  I have full rights to the file I can open it with Notepad, I can delete or rename it. But I cannot open it with Excel.


I did this test today, I create a new OU and block inheritance and add a new user here.  Microsoft Office works fine here.
A GPO had to be the problem.


I test the new user with all GPOs but I did not get the problem.  I notice that the user did not have the profile connected to the H: drive in Active Directory. At soon I add the H: drive in Active Directory without any GPO the problem shows up.
Any ideas?
So the entire user profile is redirected to H:?
I assume H: has to available offline


I try four possible solutions but the four fail These are the option:
Possible solution 1
Run dcomcnfg
Go to Console Root \Component Services\Computers\My Computer\DCOM Config\Microsoft Excel Application
Right-click Microsoft Excel Application
Select Properties
Go to Identity tab
Select The interactive user.

Posible solution 2
excel.exe /safe

Possible solution 3
Create this folder c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop

Possible solution 4
I add the
NetworkResiliency and PivotTableNetworkResiliency subkeys to the registry.

All these four possible solutions fail.

If I enable Offline files and sync, I do not get the error.  I want to fix it without the need to activate offline files, Is this possible?
The only way to allow users to use Microsoft Office out of network is to activating the Offline files. I am not sure if this is the best solution but works fine.


Thanks for your help.