How do I insert a page number in Word that copies and pastes?

arthurh88 used Ask the Experts™
I create a text box in word.  I insert the page number.   I then copy that text box, complete with the page number, to a new page.  The new page shows the old page number, not the new one.  How can I create a text box with a variable page number that will show the page number whereever I copy/paste that text box?
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The page number is a field and before it shows the correct page, it needs to be updated. Normally, if you wanted to update all fields at once you would select the entire document (Ctrl+A) and then press F9. This, however, will not work for a field within a text box. You can go to each text box, right-click field and select Update Field; or you can run this macro:
Sub UpdateTBFlds()
Dim shp As Shape
  For Each shp In ActiveDocument.Shapes
    With shp.TextFrame
      If .HasText Then
      End If
    End With
End Sub

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Dimitris MaleasData recovery engineer

insert a PAGE field with Alt+Shift+P to first text box.Copy/paste and right click in number --> update field
John KorchokProduction Manager

Let's keep it simple! In the text box, right-click on the page number field and choose Update Field.


that macro is slick.  thank you!
You're welcome. Glad it worked out for you.

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