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DataGridView vs DataGrid in a .net core 3.1 WPF application

I am working on a desktop application using C#, WPF, and .net core 3.1. I was reading on Microsoft's website that DataGrid was being deprecated and should be replaced with DataGridView in .net core 3.1 applications. The issue I am having is that it doesn't seem to actually be supported or at least according to Visual Studio 2019. First, the DataGrid tool still exists in the toolbox while DataGridView does not. In addition, even if I manually type the DataGridView code in VS2019, the code is shown as invalid code. I was looking online and have been having issues finding any info on this so I am guessing I am doing something wrong.

My question is what should I be using, DataGrid of DataGridView? Being it is a new application I would have preferred to use the most up to data version (DataGridView) so my code doesn't break in a year, but if I have to still use DataGrid, I will.
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