Why would you convert a csv file into a xlxs file

Patricia Timm
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Why would you convert a csv file into a xlxs file? CSV opens in excel and you can update it. Is it to better format and work with the data in a sheet format? Thanks
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Why wouldn't you.  You can save formulas, you can save formatting, you can potentially recover data if excel crashes...

CSV is fine as a transfer medium and if you just need to quickly reference something.... but if you actually plan to work with the file, you WANT it as an Excel file.
AntzsInfrastructure Services
In Excel format, you will be able to use all functionality provided in Excel.

It is like comparing, a txt and docx file.  When using txt file, you wont be able to use any formatting.
HuaMin ChenProblem resolver

When opening CSV file (in Excel), you should follow the given steps to open the file. Then save it as a xlsx file.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
.CSV and Excel is just an import feature....on the other hand a .xlsx file is a native Excel File with all the bells and whistles.



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