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I have a co-worker that has to reboot after every 3-4 searches in File Explorer as it becomes grayed out and unusable. I rebuilt her Search index, and then discovered that the drives that were giving her trouble were network based. I then verified that the drives were added to her search index (Properties - Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties).

While doing this I noticed that MY computer also had the Search grayed out! We are both on Win 10 Pro x64 1909 and I'm reading that it may be a glitch. We both also restarted the Windows Search service, and it was running already.

Has anyone heard if this is a Microsoft bug or any temporary workarounds as restarting every 3-4 searches is't really feasible.

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It seems to be a known issue.

But there is no feasible solution yet and the workaround is to manually kill the explorer.exe process when the search is grayed out.
Kevin MSystems Engineer


Thanks very much for finding this. It seems to be intermittently occurring, so we'll do this method until the fix is released.

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