How to read a slightly cracked DVD

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I have a slightly cracked DVD that has data on it. How can I recover that data? Is there software that will read a DVD that is slightly cracked?
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To my knowledge the best recovery program for DVDs is Isobuster not clear on how much physical damage has the DVD suffered but if Isobuster fails to read it i reckon that you will have to search for professional recovery service.
How badly cracked is it?  If the crack is in the written area of the DVD, then you will have data failure.  If the crack is out at the edges and not in the written area, you can still read it.  If the crack is bad enough, placing it in a DVD reader may cause it to fly apart?
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Depends on the crack. Recovery software in this case won't really help much with unreadable parts of the disk. It's not like a hard drive.

However, I have seen giving it a cleaning with a microfibre cloth help. Go in circles and not across.

To be safe, try reading it in a drive that you don't care if it gets damaged, in case the disc physically fails as mentioned above.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

The pits / spots on a DVD are so small that even the width of a thin crack will destroy dozens of them.  There is supposed to be recovery information stored around the other side of the disc, but not all drives provide it and in any case a missing chunk of hundreds of bits won't be recoverable by the ECC used on DVDs.

If the crack is radial then every time the disc is inserted into a drive and spun up, the crack will get bigger and more data will be lost until the disc eventually shatters into pieces.

If the information is irreplaceable, talk to a data recovery house such as Ontrack.  The first call is free.  They may be able to suggest something.  In the meantime, set the disc aside and avoid the temptation to try this or that data recovery product on it.
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you can try different DVD readers - to test
or use cracked glasses? ( sorry , could'nt resist)

Q : is this the system with the "usb sound" ?

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